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Our clients

Why is “Express” translation agency so widely recommended?

There are no additional fees.

Our agency doesn't take payment for conversion in text format for calculating the cost.

Discounts on big orders:

One-time order of more than 25 standard pages (1 page = 1800 characters including spaces) – 3%

One-time order for translation into two or more languages – 3%

The discounts are summed up!

Personal customer manager

Personal manager to your order, who always knows the state of working on your project. You will have direct contacts with the manager and the possibility to contact him at any moment.

Making and development of corporate glossaries

Voluminous and long-term projects require compiling of terminological base to achieve the unanimity of terminology. The specialists of the working group, attached to your project, will make the glossary of the project, cooperating with the representative of your company. Even involving new specialists won't affect the quality, it will remain to be of high level as well as the term accuracy.

Free test translation

If translation agencies can test translators, then why can't clients test agencies? We are sure in the quality of provided services and we offer our future clients to make sure of it themselves. Send us a fragment (of not more than 500 characters) from your text, using a form of application for test translation and estimate the standard of performance!

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