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The Uzbek language belongs to the Turkic language group and it is the official state language of Uzbekistan republic. The Uzbek language was called native by more than 21 million people, living on the territories of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

The Uzbek language cannot be definitely classified as belonging to this or that language subgroup. One of the closest relatives to the literal Uzbek language is Uigur.

The greatest influence the Uzbek language experienced from Persian and Russian languages, as historically the cultural relations were strong exactly with the ethnic native speakers of these languages. The borrowings from the Russian language may be presented in the way of two waves of influence: the first belongs to the 17th century, when the Russian Empire expanded its influence to the South, and the second – to the Soviet times, which left their imprint on the household and socio-political layers of the Uzbek lexis.

The Uzbek language comprises a complicated system of dialects, and its place in the language classification is still an arguable linguistic issue. One of the peculiarities of Uzbek speech – is the absence of the vowel harmony, typical for the majority of the Turkic languages, and that’s why considerably differing form them on the phonetic level.

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