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The Polish language is popular among more than fifty million of people, including ten million of those, who speak Polish as their second foreign language, and it keeps a good third place, according to the popularity among other languages of the Slavic group – after Russian and Ukranian.

The Polish culture was formed under the influence of the Western European countries (France, Italy and Germany) and Russia. To the most famous names, which glorified Poland, we may refer the composer Frederic Chopin, writers Stanisław Lem, Adam Mitskevich and Cheslav Milosh, the stage director Roman Polanski and many others.

In the Middle Ages, the Catholic clergy translated a great amount of religious works, written in Latin. Thus, the development of Polish language was greatly influenced by Latin, and later by French, German and Russian languages. In Modern Polish, one can come across borrowings from various places of Europe: Italian and French and Ukranian words make up a great part of the Polish word stock. For example, it won’t be difficult to distinguish the French mon coteau in the geographical name Mokotów (fr. “my hill”).

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