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The Finnish language is the official language of Finland. Finnish is also widespread on the territory of Sweden, Estonia, Norway and Russia (mainly in Karelia and Leningrad region). Generally, Finnish is spoken by practically 9/10 of Finland population, and total number of native speakers around the world accounts for about 7 million people.

The Finnish language belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family, or more exactly, to its Baltic-Finnish branch. The writing system of the Finnish language is based on Latin alphabet. The Finnish language is notable for complicated grammatical arrangement. Formally, the words change, as well as in the Russian language, by the way of adding inflexions – ending and suffixes. Such languages are called agglutinative. The Finnish language has practically a record-breaking number of cases – fifteen. According to this characteristic it is only inferior to its relative – Hungarian, where there are 20 cases.

The names of neighbouring and close states in Finnish sound utterly sudden: thus, Russia is called Venäjä, Estonia – Viro, Sweden – Ruotsi, Germany – Saksa etc.

Interesting fact: the Finnish language, as the most neutral language, not marked by colonial past (in some languages it influenced a great part of word stock), became the main favourite, when choosing the official language for East Timor, situated in South-East Asia, which declared its independence in 2001. School teachers have rights to choose the language for giving lessons themselves: Finnish, Portuguese or the language of aboriginal population totume.

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