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Technical, legal and notary translations of various degree of complexity!

According to its structure, historical development and spelling the English language is one of the most complicated European languages. And here we come across a list of unique translation problems, which may be solved only by a highly skilled specialist. It should be mentioned, that with all the explosion-like technological leap, through which the humanity is living in XXI century, the need in real people for translation from one language into another will hardly disappear in the nearest future. Of course, on can find electronic interpreters in the internet, they will quickly perform an English-Russian translation, but the output quality will, to put it mildly, leave much to be desired.

The English language is widely spread geographically. This peculiarity causes a great variety of patois and dialects, spoken by the inhabitants of different countries. The English-speaking countries traditionally include Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Naturally, the variants of the English language in these countries slightly differ from each other. It is also connected with different climate conditions and different history of these countries, and different natural environment of native speakers. Generally, the main differences are evident in lexis, where one and the same word stands for different phenomena for an Englishman and an American.

“Express” translation agency performs written translations into the language of Shakespeare and Beatles on a wide variety of topics: we will take up the texts about medicine and advertising, contracts and agreements, we will easily translate and make up a product catalogue of your company, sales letters and many other things. English-Russian translation ranks first according to popularity and demand, leaving far behind other less popular European languages along with steadily growing Chinese.

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