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Arabic language belongs to Semitic branch of Afrasian language family, along with Hebrew, Tigrinya and Amharic languages. The Semitic branch of languages also includes such languages, as Assyrian, Phoenician, Aramean, which were spoken by the inhabitants of the ancient Mesopotamia in II-I millenium BC.

Arabic – is an official language of 25 Arabic countries (where are included Algeria, UAE, Lybia, Morocco, Palestine and many others), and also it is included in the list of UN official working languages.

According to different data, there are from 260 to 323 million native speakers of Arabic language in the world, scattered around the planet. That's why, there is a great number of Arabic dialects, that are divided into five groups by the orientalists:

  • Central Asiatic;
  • Syro-Mesopotamian;
  • Maghrebi;
  • Egyptian-Sudanese;
  • Arabian, —

which, according to some linguists, are quite independent to be considered as languages, the commonness of which nowadays is supported by the religious texts, written in so called literary Arabic. In reality, the representatives of different ethnic groups and inhabitants of different countries can hardly understand each other.

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